Scalo Technologies: built by founders for founders.

Our team is made up of successful founders who understand the unique challenges of building a company from the ground up, and we're here to help you achieve your goals.

We offer expert guidance and resources tailored to your unique challenges, ensuring you achieve your goals.

Scalo Technologies

Our mission is to strengthen innovators creating products for positive global change by offering our experience, resources, and network through a founders-to-founders approach

How we help


We’ll help you build a business model focused on achieving the right metrics, refine your pitch, and connect you with prominent growth-stage investors

Building & growing

Using our knowledge gained from building successful businesses, we’ll guide you in making informed decisions to achieve your entrepreneurial goals


We’ll connect your company with skilled professionals from our extensive network who can contribute to the growth and expansion of your business

Investment thesis

We focus on the rapidly expanding sectors of AI, HPC, B2B SaaS, Gaming and more

Our aim is to secure 15%+ ownership following our initial investment

We value products with a strong fit in the market and significant potential for scaling

We are drawn to founders with a proven history in developing products within their industry